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session 02

Imagine a blank sheet of paper. How would you draw the future energy system – and can we work together to build it?

A space for the brightest and most progressive players in energy and tech to envision, co-design and develop the future energy system.


We’re delighted to invite you to Centre for Net Zero’s second en_tech_talks session. We’re bringing together a diverse community with a unifying principle: to rapidly accelerate the energy transition. If you’re an energy tech leader, distribution network operator, academic, researcher, policymaker, city/borough/place-based representative – or simply involved and/or interested in the decarbonisation of energy systems – we’d love you to join us!


Insightful keynotes from machine learning and AI experts at the forefront of the decarbonisation of the built environment, followed by lively networking, fuelled by beer and pizza.


5.45pm – Arrival & welcome

6.15pm – Introduction

Lucy Yu
Lucy Yu
CEO, Centre for Net Zero

6.20pm – Keynote 01: Buildings Behaving Better - using predictive data to deliver energy efficiency and flexibility in buildings

Tom Anderson
Tom Anderson
Director of Partnerships, Grid Edge

In an increasingly volatile and dynamic energy system, it pays to know: "what’s going to happen next?". With the cost and carbon intensity of the power we consume becoming ever more dynamic, for building operators seeking a pathway to net zero, smart energy management is no longer just a case of managing how much energy they use; it's also increasingly about when they use it.

In this talk, Tom will explain why the dynamic nature of energy demand in commercial buildings means we need new applications for predictive data and forecasting on both sides of the meter, and share his thoughts on how data can be key to enabling these consumers to become active and empowered players in our flexible energy system.

6.45pm – Keynote 02: Leveraging machine learning & IoT to eliminate wasted energy

Dan Williams
Dan Williams
Co-Founder, Measurable Energy
Josh Eadie
Josh Eadie
Co-Founder, Measurable Energy

Description: Small Power, sometimes known as Plug Load power, accounts for up to 40% of a commercial buildings energy consumption. Up to half of all Small Power can be easily classed as wasted energy and GHG emissions, from devices not being used to large water heaters and devices being left-on for no reason. There’s no meaningful way of monitoring this energy load, let alone controlling it. In this talk, Dan and Josh, m.e co-founders, will explain how they’ve built and developed specific IoT and Machine Learning to automatically identify and eliminate wasted energy and emissions from Small Power energy loads.

7.10pm – Closing remarks

7.15pm – Networking

8.15pm – Event ends