An open source community democratising access to synthetic energy demand data


Smart meter data is essential to rapid and successful energy transitions. Energy modelling is currently still largely based on static and highly aggregated data from the past, whilst access to demand data is highly restricted as a result of privacy protections.

Rather than joining widespread calls to unlock raw smart meter data through existing mechanisms, by challenging current data regulations and legislation, we believe generating synthetic data is the fastest way to achieve widespread, global access to smart meter datasets.


We’ve partnered with The Linux Foundation (LF Energy), an eminent open source foundation, to create OpenSynth: a global open smart meter data community.

OpenSynth is designed to:

(1) Create a one-stop-shop for synthetic energy data. This includes access to data, algorithms, best practices, benchmarking and more.

(2) Encourage more people to create and share synthetic data. This will allow us to build up a vast pool of diverse dataset with input from around the world.

(3) Spread the adoption of synthetic data. We’re pushing for its effective use across academia, industry and within governments, to accelerate the decarbonisation of global energy systems.

Centre for Net Zero will be shortly sharing the world’s first open, privacy-safe, nationally representative synthetic smart meter dataset via OpenSynth, trained on up-to-date real data, and including contextual metadata such as property type and low carbon technology adoption.

See the OpenSynth project page here