The climate emergency is global. We need to collaborate with individuals and organisations around the world

What do we want to achieve?

We’re here to work with others to deliver reach and put our tools to positive effect. We want to help governments hit climate targets by providing decision-makers with insightful, rigorous research relating to the energy transition that they’re not getting elsewhere. The scale of the climate challenge means that we can’t do this alone – by working with partners, we are able to extend our reach and multiply the impact of others.

Our partnerships at Centre for Net Zero will:
• Help people find, interpret and act on our research
• Co-promote a vision for a net zero future

What will we do together?

We’re interested in partnering with others on everything from research projects, joint white papers and real world demonstrators to coordinated events and educational content.

We’ll do this:
• Bilaterally through co-authored papers and reports, joint manifestos and memoranda of understanding
• In response to opportunities from local or national government, from fora to invitations to tender
• By co-creating collaboration opportunities with international and non-governmental organisations

Who do we want to partner with?

Whether you’re from the energy industry, the tech sector, academia, a non-profit or otherwise, we want to hear from you.

We’re especially interested in:
• Whole electricity systems modellers who want to better understand wider system impacts and costs
• Other agent-based modellers focused on the energy transition with collaboration ambitions
• Behavioural scientists with expertise in how people and organisations act in the energy transition
• Energy companies / data owners in the developed and developing world
• Tech companies that want to use our model
• Anyone interested in working with or extending our models, from researchers to authorities

What can we offer you?

• We are building the world’s most comprehensive, openly accessible ABM of the energy transition, simulating the behaviour of households within a people-centred transition.
• Consumption and ‘agile’ tariff data, for research purposes agreed with customers of Octopus Energy – a pioneer in offering agile tariffs to smart-meter owners
• Insight into ownership of tech by householders, from electric vehicles and solar panels to new-school batteries


Our door is open

We work hand in hand with governments, regulators, city and business leaders, investors and researchers

Want to work together?

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