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30 March 2022

Episode #2
Powering an entire country: how to run a grid on renewables

In this second episode of the series we explore why running a grid on 100% renewable energy is a genuine possibility. We discuss progress in three key areas: flexibility, interconnectivity and storage.

If we can have energy smart appliances that are smart, connected and able to receive signals from the grid, then it can chose when to charge your car or wash your clothes, depending on how much electricity is available on the grid”

Dr Nina Klein, National Grid ESO


Can an entire country run on 100 per cent renewables? In short, yes. But it will take enormous flexibility, interconnectivity, and storage to make this a reality. In this episode, Lucy and Giles speak to experts at the forefront of these innovations. They explain why running a grid entirely on renewables is entirely possible…

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Dr Nina Klein

Dr Nina Klein
Innovation and Digital Transformation at National Grid ESO

Dr Nina Klein is a Senior Energy Engineer at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. She who works on smart and flexible energy systems. She is currently on secondment at National Grid ESO. Nina is working with the Innovation Team, modelling the entire GB energy system. She has a PhD in next-generation photovoltaics and is building a career in the energy sector in purpose-driven organisations.

Sir Dave Lewis

Sir Dave Lewis
Chair of Xlinks, ex-CEO of Tesco

Sir Dave Lewis is the former CEO of Tesco PLC (2014 to 2020). Before that, he spent 27 years at Unilever plc, the last seven of which were on the executive committee. He was knighted in 2021 for his services to industry. He is currently Chair of Xlinks. This £16bn project is designed to take solar and wind energy from north Africa to Britain.

Mateo Jaramillo

Mateo Jaramillo
CEO of Form Energy

Mateo Jaramillo is co-founder and CEO of Form Energy. Form is developing a new class of cost-effective, multi-day energy storage systems that will enable a renewable grid year-round. He was formerly Vice President of Products and Programs for Tesla’s stationary energy storage program. Mateo serves on the Board of Directors for the American Clean Power Association. He earned his A.B. in Economics from Harvard and a Masters in Theology from Yale Divinity School.