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3 March 2022

Inside the Energy Transition

Over six episodes, our hosts speak to leading experts and innovators to understand how we transition to an energy system that works harder for people and the planet.

We think the transition to renewable energy can and will happen. Over the next six episodes, we’re debunking energy myths and busting misconceptions. We’ll find out how we might be on the cusp of rapid energy revolution”


Launching on 16th March, Inside The Energy Transition is a new podcast about the bright future of green energy, brought to you by Centre for Net Zero, Octopus Energy and Tortoise Media. This series explores the biggest questions, and debunks the most commonplace myths, about the transition to renewables: one of the defining goals of our time.

Over six episodes, hosts Lucy Yu (CEO of the Centre for Net Zero) and Giles Whittell (Editorial Lead on climate and sustainability at Tortoise) talk with leading energy and climate experts to understand what is needed to move us to a green, clean energy future. Will the transition be slow, or can it happen faster than we think? Can you really run a whole country’s power grid on wind and solar energy? And is a fair transition the stuff of dreams, or a genuine possibility?

Some say the future is full of power blackouts and rising energy bills. But they’re wrong. If we take the right steps we can achieve this transition, and pave the way to a better, cheaper, greener future.


Lucy Yu

Lucy Yu

Lucy is a technology, policy and regulation veteran. She has led teams in the UK government and at the UN, and has run operations, public policy, research and strategy functions for some of Europe’s brightest startups. Lucy is an expert in future mobility and cities; sustainability and renewable energy; and AI, data, and digital technologies.

Giles Whittell

Giles Whittell

Prior to joining Tortoise Media in 2018 to lead on all climate and sustainability editorial, Giles worked as a Times correspondent in LA, Moscow and Washington. He was the Times‘ chief leader-writer for three years. Along the way he’s written a few books including Spitfire Women of World War II, Bridge of Spies, and a biography of snow.