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Technology is transforming the energy sector, yet modelling and policy continues to be based on data from the past.

Centre for Net Zero designs and runs research and field trials around the world to collect and democratise data about the future, accelerating the journey to a fully sustainable, global energy system.

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The amount of renewable capacity added to global energy system in 2023

An increase of 50% compared to the year before, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), with solar PV accounting for three-quarters of additions worldwide.


The increase in global demand flexibility capacity needed by 2030

If we're to effectively harness the growing amount of renewable power, according to the IEA's Net Zero Scenario - which mandates 500 GW of demand response brought onto the market by 2030.


Benefits of a flexible energy system in the UK by 2035

Fully flexible heating and transport alone amount to significant savings to the system, every year, according to modelling by Centre for Net Zero - based on the system operator's Future Energy Scenarios.