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Pioneering research to make the future energy system a reality.

We’re an impact-driven research unit, founded by Octopus Energy.

Solving the world’s most pressing challenge

Working at the intersection of tech, energy and climate best positions us to advance the global energy transition. We collaborate with world leaders and innovators in technology and academia to co-design the future energy system – and wherever possible, we share our research in transparent and open formats so that it can be used by others.

We are committed to building a future energy landscape that works harder for people and the planet



How can we make it easier for consumers to interact with components of the future energy system?

How will they adopt and use smarter, cheaper, more connected low carbon technology?


How can businesses become grid assets that participate in energy trading and grid services?



What will augmented future business models look like?


How can the grid use smarter technology and algorithms to operate on 100% renewables?

How could new markets be designed to maximise the benefits of renewables for customers?


How can we move away from fossil fuels and build healthier communities and local environments?



Can places become a medium through which people understand the energy transition?

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