Get to know our people & principles

Our leadership

Together, we bring experience from venture building, artificial intelligence, open source, energy and government. The team is led by Lucy Yu, who has nearly 20 years of expertise in technology, policy and regulation. She has led teams in the UK government, the UN and worked for some of Europe’s brightest start-ups.

Lucy Yu



Ryan Jenkinson

Head of Strategy


Engagement Team

Olivia Rex

Head of Public Affairs


Stephen Lorimer

Partnerships & Community Lead


Izzy Woolgar

Comms & Marketing Lead


Debbie Hedley

Executive Assistant


Research Team

Tom Phillips

Research Data Engineer


Stephanie Chan

Data Scientist


Daniel Lopez Garcia

Research Analyst


Our charter

100% mission

No commercial distractions.

Focus on impact

We prioritise projects that make impact, not ones we think are interesting.

Learn fast

We act like a tech start-up. We apply lean and agile principles to the problems we solve. Continuously experimenting, learning and building robust datasets and models.

Be open

Our reports and models are free for anyone to use, challenge and build on.

Embrace diversity

We invite in new ideas, embrace rich data sets and work with people from different backgrounds. From economists and data scientists to policy experts and information designers.

Make change happen

We get people together, inspire change and most importantly, make change happen.

Our founder


We were founded in 2021 by Octopus Energy – the global energy tech disruptor.

As an innovative and high-growth company, Octopus has access to millions of progressive energy customers with billions of corresponding datapoints. Octopus operates in 13 countries and serves 25million customers globally through its Kraken platform. This ‘living lab’ enables us to research the behaviours of the future, today.

Access to this dataset informs our data-driven, people-first approach. Yet as an autonomous organisation with no commercial distractions, we set our own research agenda.