Open to anyone, real world insight, fresh thinking, impact focused.

Those ingredients are the heart of our research. For now, we’re focused on three big themes.


Transport is the biggest contributor to UK greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric cars and vans are a big part of the answer. We look at how the UK’s charging infrastructure can be built out properly and fairly so we can accelerate our transition to electric vehicles.

Existing transport research summary


Heating our homes generates 13-14% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Our research looks at how we can accelerate the switch to low carbon heating, in ways that are fair and affordable.

Download our summary of existing research and where we see the biggest gaps below.

Existing heating research summary

Digital twin

A digital twin is a model of a system, validated and synchronised with real world data.

A digital twin of the interconnected energy system – including its physics, markets and people – would allow us to explore it and experiment with different decarbonisation scenarios safely, efficiently and quickly. We can use what we learn to inform bold decarbonisation action in the real world.

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